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    Asus G53JW power issue

    Hello everyone, first time bothering around here. Im not a native speaker so if something is not clear enough, please let me know and i'll try to clarify it to you.

    I have had an ASUS ROG G53JW laptop for a few years now. It no longer has a battery because it died a few years ago, so I use it connected directly to the power supply.

    some time ago the laptop began to go turn off by itself 5 minutes (approximately) after it was turned on. and if I turned it on again, it would turn off again but this time faster (it did not even reach 5 minutes).

    So, as this laptop model has the video card apart from the mother (GEFORCE GTX 460m), and based on my experience I assumed that the failure was due to an overheating of the video card so I opted to replace it with another one that I got second hand but working correctly. to my surprise it keeps failing.

    My issue is: is the failure on the motherboard or in the power supply? (remember that it does not have a battery, so if the voltage drop suddenly, the pc would turn off)

    If i turn it on and run a windows installation (7, 8 or 10) it installs well without any problem. the problem occurs the moment windows starts to work (so that was why i assumed it was due to the video card).

    Additional info: the fans are working, and i cleaned all the old thermal compound and replaced it. Just in case it was overheating.

    If you can enlighten me, I'll be grateful.

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