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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Scone@ROG View Post
    F9 is a training code. Normally means FCLK instability. Either too high, or insufficient voltage (VSOC) for the given settings. The board failing POST stress tests is there to indicate there is an issue with the applied overclock.

    Latest build with 3733 CAS14 with 4x8GB bdie here without issues. Boost behaviour will depend on the AGESA version.
    Yes I understand that.
    Issue is I do not overclock at all. Memory is rated for 3200Mhz and corresponding fclock is 1600Mhz.
    This does work just fine with two dimms. But as soon as I put in all 4 dimms, the system no longer boots and fails with F9 post code and finally post in safe mode.

    Your 4x8GB B-die is probably not high density. Furthermore, B-die memory has been available for quite some time and accepts higher voltages.
    My issues are with Samsung C-die and 4 modules 16GB each. High density.
    This memory does not scale well over 1.35V vdimm.

    But to test the suggested fclock instability, I did run the ram and fclock uncoupled. That is, ram at 3000Mhz and fclock at 1866 and it runs fine, so it really isn't an fclock issue. It should be stable at the rated speed, 3200Mhz + fclock at 1600. Soc voltage set at 1.1v.

    There hasn't been a single bios that runs 4 x 16GB Samsun C-die at rated speeds.


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    I have a Dark Hero and haven't updated to this BIOS yet. However, I just want to chime in with others that even disabling PBO entirely the motherboard seems to still boost to PBO like frequencies. Without PBO I should never hit above 4.8ghz on any core (on a 5900x) based on how the normal precision boost algorithm is supposed to work. However with everything disabled I still boost to like 4.9 - 4.95 on some cores with voltages hitting like 1.46v briefly.

    Turning PBO back on results in literally the exact same boosting results and cinebench scores that are effectively identical.

    I do have the OC switcher on so perhaps that's messing with it. I haven't tried with it off yet. I'll do some experimentation at some point.

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