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    the router will disconnect them at the same time and just come back like after 2mins to 5mins random, and how come online games not disconnect? and discord? but everything else is, so im sure it a big on the wan side of the router thats doing this

    not ive also tested this with only 1 isp using pppoe connection, also tried it with static , and dhcp to the isp modem, same thing the router is doing this, and both ax11000 are also doing this, and ive also read from other people with ax11000 also notice this wan disconnect

    and also ive tried all this with a different brand router replacing the asus ax11000 , they dont do that, so thats why i said im pretty sure this is a asus ax11000 problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffLo View Post
    when i set the new ax11000 i still get this on the logs

    Mar 8 14:49:44 kernel: E0:98:06:B4:5D:45 not mesh client, can't update it's ip
    Mar 8 14:49:44 kernel: 8C:AA:B5:E7:FA:51 not mesh client, can't update it's ip
    Mar 8 14:49:44 kernel: 60:B3:C4:00:A9:6E not mesh client, can't update it's ip
    I get similar messages on my RT-AX92U. See other interesting system log messages at

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