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    G15 GA503QR Armoury Crate and Software issues.

    After clean install, my G15 2021 won't recognize the keyboard in aura sync. It has been a problem for so long, almost a month and I've reinstalled several ROG live service files. Just recently panel power saver stopped working and remained 165hz after unplugged instead of 60. I resetted my laptop after that and set up windows again and still, no luck. I have reinstalled the smart display driver and the old version and still, no luck. Can I have a windows install file of the GA503QR so all the apps would be preinstalled and work just like when I first opened it? I cannot exchange for a new one anymore. If there are any fixes to the panel power saver please let me know.

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    Hello Ethan,
    In your C drive, there should be an eSupport file, containing all the initial driver of your device.
    you may copy that folder and reset your device.
    Thank you.

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