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    Zenith II Extreme - sudden memory C5-memory test error, no post.

    Hi all, after months of use, my Zenith II Extreme can't boot anymore. I can't even access BIOS.
    Problem started yesterday, i shut off the pc from windows, and after 4 or 5 hours, i turned it on and error Memory C5->Memory Test popped up on the oled screen.
    No video signal, fans spin up, can't access the BIOS.

    Thor 1200w
    64gb 8x8 G.Skill ZNeo 3600mhz
    2x Sabrent M2 ssd
    Creative AE9

    the system, before this error, was to default settings, even the ram configuration was on "auto", running well below spec (2133mhz).

    things that i have tried til now:

    - removed all ram sticks, test 1 at once in slot A1
    - multiple clear cmos
    - unplugged psu many times
    - bios flashback with latest avalaible bios (completed without error as per oled message).

    no luck, same C5 + Memory test.
    the system was stable in windows, no crash of other errors.

    what can i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctx View Post
    Thaks for the reply, but my problem seems to be caused by a different matter.

    For future reference i will write down a list of troubleshooting steps with each result, till the one that solved the error.

    Premise: the system runned on air for months, after which i installed a liquid cooling system with an EK Monoblock , and the system runned for months with this setup.

    What i tried to solve the "Memory C5" and "Memory Test" errors:

    - Clear CMOS -> no luck
    - Checked every single stick of ram in various slots -> no luck
    - Flashed different BIOSes with Asus Flashback -> no luck
    - Removed all expansions card -> no luck
    - Re-seated the GPU -> no luck
    - Test with a total different DDR4 stick (single crucial 8gb 2400mhz) -> no luck
    - Removed CMOS battery for 10 min -> no luck

    And finally, after these steps, i remembered a ram detection issue, back in the days, with a X79 board, the issue was the overtightened waterblock.

    So, i gently loose a little bit the four screw of the monoblock (1/4 turn of allen key), clear CMOS again and problem solved!
    The system boot up just fine and now is working flawlessy.

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    Congrats on fixing this. I got the issue on a 3990x and the Extreme Alpha. I ran the PC for about a week without any issues then once on reboot all hell started. I spent 2 days trying to make any sense of anything. I'm pretty good at solving PC problems. Symptoms started with slight PC freezes, then at reboot LED starts showing sporadic CMOS or HDD errors. Then trying to re-install windows it would just reboot in the middle of the installation. I then tried everything, changed PSU, changed RAM, reseated processor multiple times and made sure not to overtighten (often an issue to first try btw), I even replaced the processor.

    Within a couple days it got stuck on CMOS Error and wouldn't even post anymore. Tried still everything to revive it. First time I return a new motherboard without being able to post. Might be my last ASUS board for a while ... I pick the latest tech and often wait long for BIOS updates but this time the board is more than a year old (in terms of new tech) ... they should have squashed any issues by now.

    Anyways, here was my last config before it broke down, if you get a similar issue and any common hardware then please report to help others:
    - Brand new everything except the GPU
    - AMD TR 3990x
    - Fryzen CPU cooler (didn't get to install the waterblock )
    - Corsair RGB Vengence RGB 128GB @3200 kit (8x16GB) (tried with Corsair Vengence 8GB x 2 @ 2133)
    - EVGA 1600G (tried with a Corsair AX1600i )
    - 2x NVME 980 Pro 1TB (tried also with a 960 Pro)
    - 1x Nvidia GTX 980 4GB (tried 2 different 3090's and 1 1080ti)
    - Corsair keyboard (tried also with a regular logitech keyboard)
    - Logitech mouse (tried with a Razor mouse)
    - Tried with and without the onboard Intel 1Gbit networking

    Nothing else plugged in.

    Just my contribution to this strange generation of sensitive boards.

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