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    Zenith II Extreme - Extremely long boot time

    Hi all,

    I completed my PC build about a month ago, I have been extremely happy with it until yesterday. Out of the blue my PC was taking a very long time to post. Taking a look on the QCode I was getting Code CPU C7, where it would just sit idle followed by Check CMOS.

    I cleared CMOS, reflashed with the latest BIOS - which I was already using, removed all sticks of memory aside from A1. Same results. I left it idle while I was doing something else and suddenly it posted and loaded up Windows. I shut it down to test again and timed it three times. My post times are 4-7 minutes, each time displaying Code CPU C7. I checked my CPU, everything is fine. I imagine if I did have a CPU issue, I wouldn't be able to boot up into Windows at all. Once I'm actually in Windows everything so far seems to be as normal.

    Motherboard: Zenith Extreme II Alpha
    CPU: Threadripper 3970X
    Memory: G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 128GB (8 x 16GB) DDR4 3600Mhz CL17 Memory
    GPU: 6900XT
    PSU: Seasonic Prime 1300W Gold

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    Consider trying to re-seat the CPU and don't overtighten it. Also, if that fails, try removing / detaching all disks and on power-on reset bios and time it then ... see if the CPU C7 remains long. You should save your CMOS (bios) config first before doing this in case that matters to you.

    Other things to try, move USB connections around before trying to boot and see if that changes boot times ... also remove devices and test.

    Good luck.

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