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    Great Performing Laptops

    ROG STRIX laptops truly do rock. Great performance. I own three of them, a GL703GE, a G531GT and my newest G512LV. I've got nothing but love for them when they work, however, ASUS sucks hard when it comes to warranty work.

    A little background about me: I have been building, repairing and upgrading desktops and laptops since the '90's. I am a certified DELL and IBM tech and I work IT when I need to. My SSD went bad in my G531GT and it is still under warranty, so I contacted ASUS service. They told me I need to send my complete laptop in for them to have the SSD replaced. I told them I would send them the bad SSD and I would install the replacement myself, as it would be a less than 10 minute procedure. They told me they don't stock hardware. What? It was bad enough I couldn't get a replacement mobo for my GL703GE from ASUS, they wanted me to buy from a third party since, in their words, "ROG STRIX are made to very strict guidelines and specifications." Ok, but ASUS sells them under their brand, they should have a pipeline for parts (I got the mobo fixed for $50 repair charge and $30 shipping), like SSD's? Why should anyone need to be without the use of their laptop for however many weeks it takes for the repair, when if parts were available, those who are capable of doing the replacement, such as myself, can do it and have the use of their computers? Oh, yeah, the tech on chat suggested I take my laptop to Best Buy because they are an authorized repair center for ASUS, so I said, "Oh, they'll do the warranty work?" The tech said, "No, you would need to pay for the repair." Pay for a repair that is technically covered under a warranty...dang.

    So, here is my solution: I will never buy another ROG STRIX or ASUS product again<period>. I love the machines but ASUS is truly a bush league company that uses smoke and mirrors for their warranties and parts non-availability. I feel it necessary to tell my customers and friends to not buy the products, which is hard because I love the products but rewarding a company that doesn't support its customers is untenable.

    As an aside, I bout an extended warranty from Amazon and sent the GL703GE in for repair because one of the fans was going out. they wanted to total the laptop because they couldn't find a heatsink/fan unit. I told them to send me the laptop back and I would get it fixed, which I did, and I told them I wanted my money back for the warranty since they couldn't do a simple fix and wanted to offer me $800 as a totaled laptop when I bought it for $1,100.00 .

    Anyway ROG STRIX, I got nothing but love for your laptops. Really, I enjoy them. ASUS doesn't do you any favors, though.

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