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    Quote Originally Posted by mohsh86 View Post
    BIOS: 1402
    CPU 3970X
    RAM: 256 GB 3200 GSkill CAS 16 (F4-3600C16Q2-256GVK)
    GPU: RTX 3060 Ti in PCIE_1
    GPU2: Quadro P620 in PCIE_4

    M.2_1, M.2_2, DIMM_1, DIMM_2 are Samsung 980 Pro 500 GB
    M.2_3 is 980 Pro 250 GB

    Hyper M.2 Gen 4 with 4 x 980 Pro 500 GB in PCIE_3
    Hyper M.2 Gen 4 with 2 x 980 Pro 250 GB in PCIE_2

    Initially had a Highpoint 7505 (HW RAID, PCIE Gen 4), returned because of heat and noise (thermal pad not making contact).


    1. This motherboard hasn't been tested to it's full potential, i have every slot in this motherboard populated and it does not work as expected.
    2. If MB populated with more than 2 GPU's, it won't POST (with/without extra GPU molex power connected plugged in) (example, RTX 3060 Ti in PCIE_1, Quadro P620 in PCIE_2, 3 or 4). stuck VGA D4 or load VGA bios in mini oled.
    3. i believe NVME RAID has never been tested in this motherboard, i can't get any of the following working:
    • When trying to install windows (with RAID drivers in the right order), windows won't boot, it will infinitely get stuck at loading screen, switching NVME RAID to off, windows will boot, i have initiated support ticket with AMD but am not expecting much
    • if Hyper M.2 Gen 4 card installed, switching PCIE configuration to PCIE RAID (i.e. bifurication on), all NVME's will be detected. if NVME RAID is turned after that, i either can't get to BIOS or BIOS screen would load and get corrupted. (i.e. rubbish showing in screen), either bifurication on or NVME RAID is on, can't have both which is no good.
    • Hyper M.2 Gen 4 card manual is wrong, they advise to install in M.2_1 and M.2_3 if you're planning to use 2 NVMe's only, this won't work in a PCIE 8X slot, you need to install in M.2_1 and M.2_2.

    I have specifically purchased an Asus MB because i have been told they have the best BIOS support, or so goes the myuth..

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    Hello mohsh86,

    DId you try to remove the Hyper x16 and see if you have this rubbish screen issue?
    Did you try to setup RAID onboard M.2 and have same issue?
    If it only shows up only in NVME RAID and bifucation in any bios and similar issue, let me know.


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