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    Question ROG Strix 6900XT/6800XT LC fan and pump speed, separate controls

    It appears that both the ROG STRIX 6800XT and 6900XT "LC" models use the same AIO.

    It seems that using either GPU Tweak (2 or 3) or the AMD Radeon software, the blower fan and the radiator fans are connected on the same curve. Speed seems to be reported only for the radiator fans. GPU Tweak allows for the independent control of the 2 additional fan headers (PWM) on the video card, but I have not had a need to use/test them.

    Is there a way to display the speed of the pump? Of the blower fan separately?

    Is there a way to control (PWM or DC) the pump or the blower fan separately?

    Does GPU Tweak always override the power/clock/fan settings in AMD Radeon Software?

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