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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    First, no one suggested anything was being done intentionally. But having 3 bad devices in a row fail in the same manner, has a very low probably. But even this might depend on if the replacement router is not actually a refurbished unit..
    None of the routers ASUS sent to me were refurbished. They have all been brand new / factory sealed with the shrink wrap. I do appreciate your help and input. I'm hoping this third router they are sending me will be the last one they have to send to me

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    Looking over this thread and seeing the author has eliminated hardware causes to isolate it to the 2.5GB port when the Xbox series X is connected and appears to render the AX-11000 inoperable.

    In his testing, connecting the XBOX series X to other manufacture routers and having them still work, begs the question,

    1) AX-11000 2.5gb is it reliable to handle a gaming console??
    2) is the Series-X putting out a slightly higher voltage, that may or may not be incompatible with the 2.5GB port,
    If that's the case, does Asus have the stats on other XBOX seriesX, having the same behavior???

    The author's testing is solid and has tried to communicate this to Asus repair, perhaps he may help them out if indeed the 2.5GB needs a HW revision to address a faulty 2.5gb port. I'm hoping that Asus techs are reading this forum and thread to gain valuable insight into their products.

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