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    Problems with Aura Terminal

    Hello, I have an issue with your Aura software that has persisted through multiple systems. Around the beginning of January I had an ROG Strix Z-390 E and a 9700k processor, and I was having a problem with my computer going black screen and eventually restarting which caused me to RMA my 2080ti. I thought it was a GPU problem. They returned it and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I RMA'ed my Strix Z-390 motherboard and when that returned the problem persisted and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I went and purchased a ROG Maximus Hero XIII and a 10900k processor and I figured out that as soon as I install armoury crate it causes this problem. Naturally this makes updating drivers more difficult and I also cannot use any of my RGB components. I have an Aura Terminal that I also cannot utilize because being that the aura software crashes my PC there's no way to edit it, and when I could actually get to the point of opening Aura it didn't even show the Aura Terminal so even if the software didn't crash my PC my Aura Terminal cannot be edited. I'm sure there's not much you guys can do right away but I figured I'd send you this feedback to hopefully help towards eventually solving this problem.

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    Just an FYI this is a user forum, very little ASUS presence here.

    As for AURA/Amnory crate.
    Its been problematic since launch. Not a single version or update has worked correctly. I was in the same boat as you and had invested heavily in ASUS aura components. Ive now ditched all of it and went with all Corsair RGB products. Ique works. Also fabwerks by aquaero works. Im not talking about a few releases either. Every single one since inception. Ique will also control your MOBO. Just need a plug in and aura lighting service running by installing it but dont launch it.

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