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    Strix RTX 3090 Waterblock

    Hello, I'm new here and have a question about your experiences with different waterblocks from different customers.
    Last summer I started to built a custom loop for the first time. I use a Lian Li PC O11 Dynamic XL ROG with GPU vertical mouting Kit and Lian Li Distroplate Co-work with EKWB. A waterblock which is cooling CPU and VRM area is mounted at the Strix X570 E Gaming. Normally I have only one buy the waterblock from EKWB plus seperatly sold backplate. This one is very expensive...but not as much as the graphics card itself
    Is anybody satisfied with this cooler or would you recommend a different one?
    2nd question is about radiator. for the gpu I need a 2nd 360mm radiator. At the bootom of the case will fit a 35mm thick radiator plus the hight of the fans under
    the vertically mounting kit for the gpu. If I do some modification on this kit there will fit a 60mm thick radiator plus fan. What do you think? Does it matter which one I use? Do you expect a difference in temperatures that justifying a lot more work to do?

    Best regards

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