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    Angry Armoury Crate ( installing Edge Beta

    Ran Armoury Crate today, and found that there were Device Kit updates available for my motherboard, RAM, and LED Strip. So installed those, then also installed updated drivers, as well as the AI Noise-Canceling Engine utility (which had been missing from being able to install since I built the system a month ago). After all these updates, I've now found that the Microsoft Edge Beta was installed on my system.

    No where was the Edge beta mentioned. This is totally unacceptable.

    Here's the complete list of what was installed. Something in this set installed it:
    • TUF GAMING X750-PRO (WI-FI) Device Kit (v2.0.2.3)
    • Memory Device Kit (v2.0.2.3)
    • Addressable LED Strip Device Kit (v2.0.2.3)
    • Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation (v1.0.2.3)
    • AI Suite 3 (v3.00.78, update from 3.00.63)
    • AMD Chipset Driver (v2.11.26.106)
    • Intel Bluetooth Driver (v22.40.0.2)
    • Intel I225 LAN Driver (v1.0.2.8)
    • Intel Wi-Fi Driver (v22.40.0.7)
    • Realtek Audio Driver (v6.0.9071.1)

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    Experienced this today as well. This is an ABSOLUTE NO NO.

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    Yes me too, im pretty sure i havent update windows, this is a big NO, installing without consent, i havent moved to openRGB because its not fully compatible with my hardware, otherwise i would ditch this crap software.

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