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    choosing a x299 motherboard

    it seems like there is a lot of compromised or perhaps compromises... here is what I am looking for

    1) resizable BAR support (just got ASUS RTX3070 EKWB)
    2) 10th gen 48lane support, as far as I understand 10th gen is required for BAR support
    3) support at least one U.2 drive
    4) supports one 22110 lenght m.2, ideally a 2nd 2280 for optane
    5) has atleast one active/available pcie 1x for SCSI card
    6) one 8x slot for SAS raid array card
    7) 2 addtional 1x PCIe slots for parallel/serial IO and firewire card....
    8) not have my graphics card dropped down to 8x because for some stupid reason it has to share any bandwidth it drops down.

    Eveythinything I have looked at so far has had some level of compromize....
    right now I am on a rox strix x99
    so since the u.2 and m.2 slot share band with I have my u.2 ssd on a add on board
    my x99 would proably still give me eveything (excluding BAR even thought in theory ASUS could added it they wanted) I would want if either the PCIe 1_1 slot didn't share with the wifi or I the m.2/u.2 drive didn't share bandwidth.

    It seems like the x299 series doesn't get as much love as other platforms

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