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    Dreaded Detect Memory error after wake from sleep and reboots

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue on R6EE. Running a 10940x @4.6ghz 100% Prime95 stable. Memory is Patriot Viper 4400 that I am running at 3800 17-18-18-36 2T which is testmem5 anta777@Extreme stable pass after pass after pass as those timings are crazy loose for this memory.
    Right now I have not had a Detect memory error in over a week and tonight after a wake from sleep I got it. did the try again button and still had the error.
    Power Cycled the system and still had the error and eventually had to do the safe boot button to get into bios and reboot from there with no error.

    I have the uncore at +0.300mv so I am not sure if the CPU is just having issues or this motherboard does not like this RAM. Currently on the latest BIOS.

    Like I said this system is 100% rock solid stable at my current settings which are well below the settings I run when I am doing benchmarks.

    Not sure what causes the issue or what steps to take to try and diagnose it if all my stability test prove stable.

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