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    Bad speed testing performance on 2.5Gb LAN Port

    Same here. Bought a new GT-AX11000 summer 2019.

    Recently opened up a support ticked on 3/11/21 in regards to "Bad speed testing performance on 2.5Gb LAN Port" while in wireless bridge mode. Using a 1Gb adapter connected to the 1Gb LAN Ports, using Ooklas speedtest app, the speed test sees around 900Mbps + or - on the download. If I connect the same PC and 1Gb adapter to the 2.5Gb LAN Port on the back of the GT, using the same app and test site on the app, the speed results tops out at around 400Mbps or just under 500Mbps on the download. Also the connection rate never sees 2400Mpbs which both source WiFi and AX11000 both support.

    Since then between 3/12/21 and 4/1/21, there have been a total of 5 different support agents contacting me all either giving me invalid information that does NOT pertain to the AX-11000 being in wireless bridge mode or other support agents saying:
    I" will be collaborating with our technical support department team to provide you a complete resolution on your request. This may take 24-48 business hours to have this completed. I'll make sure to provide you an update as soon as I receive the response from our technical support department team.

    If I may be of any further assistance, please, let me know. Thank you for choosing ASUS."

    How many support agents are needed for one support ticket/customer asking for help and giving them detailed information and feedback for the problem being seen? Also need to review all feedback and attachments that has been given by the reporting user. Seems like this information is passed over and the user reporting the problem is getting passed around from agent to agent unnecessarily. I haven't even been offered an RMA.

    There only should be 1 support agent per user/support ticket and should be knowledgeable enough to know what information pertains to the operation of the item being reported having the problem.

    Must admit, I have not seen this kind of support behavior with other router companies.
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