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    Which Radeon alternative?

    Hi, this forum has made me think twice before purchasing hardware, both model and brand. Now, I´ve come to reconcider my next GPU. So far been hard locked in the world of nVidia, just out of tradition, since Flightsim. X is said to benefit the most from a such.

    On the multiple screen scene I know that Radeon cards have had the edge on nVidia, and I´m trying to explore just how bad a good Radeon card would do with my FSX, plus I do fly other sims and occasionally play COD. I´m going for a res. of 5040x1050 on three old but good Samsung monitors for 3D cockpit, plus an additional Acer touch 23" (afaik) for 2D stuff.
    Ok, enough babble. On to my questions.

    Which Radeon card would compete with a GTX 680 4 gb? Both concidering performance and price.

    Perhaps my next is a question for the, but is there any difference in a tri screen 3D image comparing the two? Does Eyefinity warp/stretch the peripheral portions of the view?

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