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    PRIME X570 - delayed effects of changes in UEFI/BIOS settings

    A few days ago I changed the APM Configuration > Power On By PS/2 Keyboard setting in order to have the system powered up by the CTRL+Esc key combination.
    However nothing seemed to happen: the system powered up just pressing ANY keyboard key.
    Not a big issue, obviously. I thought that maybe there was a little, essentially harmless, mistake in the UEFI UI or in the software.

    So I was quite surprised when this morning, after many power on/off cycles in the past days, the above mentioned setting started to actually work: the system now powers up "By Keyboard" only if I press the CTRL+Esc combination.
    Is such a behaviour normal?
    If yes, shall I expect it also for other UEFI settings?

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