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    Question Patriot 3600 MHz DDR4 memory and X570-E problem..


    I recently built my system with:

    ROG Strix X570-E
    4x32 GB Patriot Viper 3600 MHz. ( 2x PVB464G360C8K )
    AMD Ryzen 5900x
    2x 2TB Samsung SM9A1 2TB

    The problem first started about a month ago.. My computer stuck on restart.. After I reset the computer I saw that my registry was corrupted so I had to reinstall Windows again.. While doing that I saw some irregularities, so I checked my memories one by one with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tools.. 3 of them passed and one of them gave error as soon as test started. So I sent back my two memory modules ( because they're sold as dual kits ) and waited ~1 week to get back fixed memories..

    After I got them I put all of them and booted. Then again, every chrome tab was showing "oh, snap" error.. I realized that there is still something wrong and tested again and found problem again.. I was just going to return them again, then a thought struck.

    I set my memory timings to Auto ( which was previously on D.O.C.P. (XMP) setting with 3600 Mhz. 18-22-22-42 timings / 1.35 V ) with 2600 Mhz.

    I tested all of the memories together and there were no errors ( as far as I see )..

    Then I thought maybe it needed more voltage to run stable on 3600 Mhz ( as far as I know this modules supports 1.40 V )... I set it to 1.40 V and tested again. Again I got no errors..

    After a few hours though I got errors in Windows..

    I checked memory QVL and it shows as compatible. I could run them on Auto with 2600 Mhz. but then what is the point paying extra for the speed. I still am not sure if it'll change anything, because while the test could show nothing is wrong with memories, it still may give error after a while, and it could be catastrophic for the system like a registry corruption.

    So, I'm not at the end of the rope. I still don't know what to do about this. Should I give up on these memories? I don't think I could return them, because actually I don't think anything is wrong with the memories themselves. They just start giving errors after a (long) while, and I don't think I could explain this problem to where I bought them.

    Here is the datasheet for the modules:

    They're also there on the QVL: although as far as I see those memories are not there on official QVL:

    Is there an option that I could use these with a bit slower ( 3200, 3400 Mhz etc ) but secure way? Better yet, is there a way I could securely run these as intended at 3600 Mhz?

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