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    Animation speed and direction options please

    Come on why is it not an option to set animation speed per animation and direction like up down left or right etc ?
    These are basic options if had with corsair but not with armoury crate let alone in aura creator which seems to be able to adress each invidual stick just fine but armoury crate does not both lack these options

    Lets say if i set animations speeds like this per stick
    ram 1 speed 1
    ram 2 speed 2
    ram 3 speed 3
    ram 4 speed 4

    I do not only get rainbow from up and down but also rainbow from left to right this looks better.

    But also need option to make ram stick 1 and 3 go up and ram sticks 2 and 4 to go down as example

    I do not want 4 sticks to act like 1 giant rgb brick obviously.

    Currently the way to bypass these restrictions somewhat is to set rainbow effect like this

    1 .. rainbow
    2 .......... rainbow
    3...................... rainbow
    4................................. rainbow

    but this is not ideal cos it wont loop properly and there is a limit of 5 minutes and 30 seconds so every 50 minutes and 30 seconds it does not loop perfectly i could somewhat fill the empty spaces with other effects but thats not what i want, i want perfect loop.

    Armoury crate and aura creator has been in lackluster state for quite some time now, and you obviously either not getting the feedback on whats wrong, or your not reading this at all, eitherway im pissed off for how long it takes for things to get fixed.

    this is unacceptable, i demand more customisation options for armoury crate, and even more for aura creator, and please fix the added cpu usage with g skill rgb memory 2% cpu usage for lightningservice.exe is not acceptable, and you bassicly forced me into this situation to buy g skill kit cos that atleast works with aura creator, corsair memory never showed up even tho it shows up in armoury crate.

    Asus is a decent brand of hardware but the software is very lack luster please fix.

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