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    6900XT Issue with board.

    Hi, so about a month or so ago I got my hands on a 6900XT reference model GPU. Shortly after installing it I found that I was getting beeps during startup, 1 long and 3 short. I found out this related to some sort of GPU output error. However I've also had D8 errors which corresponds to RAM issues. My ram is OC'd, however I was running an older AMD GPU before my 6900XT and had no issues. Which leads me to believe there's something funky with the GPU. Sometimes during bootup it will just backscreen and nothing will happen, this is rare (like once a month, and only happens on restarts). Most of the time the computer won't make any beeping noise and boots up fine, and sometimes it will display a RAM or GPU error with the 1 long 3 short beeps before continuing to boot normally... I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. I'm currently running bios 3204. I'm also not sure if this applies as a Mobo issue or a GPU issue. I did upgrade bios and had some funky stuff with the USB's not working.
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