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    Rog Strix B350 F Gaming strange CPU fan curve state

    Hi guys!

    I've bought two mb to test what's better: one from another brand and the other one is the Rox Strix B350F Gaming. I'm testing both using a Ryzen 5 3600 with a Noctua heatsink.

    The B350 F has a strange cpu fan curve state: I've tried all the Q FAN settings and I've also created a curve by myself. The issue is that during the Aida64 stress test the fan never goes to max speed and the temperatures are around 80° after a minute of testing.

    With the other mb, with the same cpu and heatsink, the fan starts to increase its speed and it comes to 100% when the cpu usage is 100% and the temperature is around 72° for all the test.

    Is there any fix to have a real fan curve state?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

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    What CPU fan did you use? What specifications of the fan? The CPU fan curve depends on the processor's temperature, voltage and TDP. Different motherboard might be slightly different. What bios is the B350-F gaming? Try latest?

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