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    g750jz mxm rev2 replacement - is it possible?

    Hi guys, i'm guglielmo, a new user. i know that maybe this is not the right place to ask the question but as a new user i can't create new threads, simply the plus button wich says create a new thread is not in my page even if I have the permissions, I'm sorry.
    I'm the happy owner of a rog rog g750jz but a few days ago my video card, a g750jz mxm rev2 has abandoned me.
    The pc is still powerful and I don't want to change it, but since I have to change graphic card, rather than replace it and put an equal one I would like to ask you forum users if there is a more recent and powerful one with the same form factor to replace the previous one, or if I should buy one exactly like the old one. Please let me know and maybe if someone knows tell me how to do to put the question in the right place. thanks again.

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