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    Getting A2 error code upon Restart / Warm Boot only !

    Just built my PC over the weekend. Here are the specs.

    Maximus XIII Hero
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB 3200mhz CL16
    1X 2TB Crucial MX500
    2X 1TB Crucial MX500
    1X 960GB Corsair MP510 ( Boot Drive )
    RTX 2080 Super Strix

    So whenever I'm on the Desktop, booted into Windows. If I were to Restart my PC, whenever the PC is booting up. I will get hit by a A2 error code.
    My PC will be completely frozen, I can't even enter BIOS.
    Even if I press on the Restart button on my casing, same thing. The PC restarts then freezes with A2 error code. But it be worst, my screen be blank. But I didn't lose signal to monitor.
    I've FlexKey set to instant boot to BIOS, doesn't work either.

    This only happen when I Restart my PC, never on a Cold Boot. Say now my PC is running, I click Shut Down. The moment my PC turn off and I power it on again. It will boot no issue no drama.

    So in the beginning, I don't think the issue occur. Because when I've installed Windows, while I was updating Windows, installing software etc. Even when I restart my PC, it never happen even once before.
    Till all sudden one day I needed to Restart my PC to adjust something in the BIOS and it started all sudden.

    This time even if it's a program that requires me to restart, basically I click on the " Restart " on the program and not myself who manually clicking
    " Start > Restart " I will face the same issue. The program will Restart my PC and upon booting up, A2 error code, PC frozen.

    Things I've tried fixing this issue.

    1) Reseated all my SATA cable
    2) Reseated all my SATA power cable
    3) Reset RAM to Default
    4) Disabled Fast Startup in Windows
    5) Disabled Hybrid Sleep
    6) Disabled Hard Drive Power Off in Power Management
    7) Change Boot to UEFI ( In the BIOS, by default it was Boot to Other OS )
    8) Check all my SSD and HDD Health ( well using Disk Info nothing serious, but all is fine, my SSD are all brand new except my HDD )
    9) Run Crystal Mark to check if my SSD are all running at proper speed and they are.

    No dice, nothing is working....I worry if this goes on, when Windows update come along I may face even bigger issues since I can't restart my PC properly...
    What do you guys think is the issue ??

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