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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorlac01 View Post
    I too am on the M HERO13, and an 11900K. After HOURS of overclocking I've reached the conclusion that AI optimized, with XMP 1 is NEARLY as good as manual per core OC'ing.
    Do be advised that ABT ONLY works under 70C. In other words, it's USELESS for R23 and other 100% core stress tests or benches. During gaming you can see ABT in action quite often, because your cpu wont reach 70c. Disable it for benching. ALSO.. try disabling Speed shift, as this feature hands off power limiting to the OS. Nobody likes a throttling cpu because WINDOWS gets fussy.. Did you get a decent silicon 11900k??
    When you do AI optimized do you manually tweak anything or just from the default setting you enable AI Optimization and XMP, save and exit?

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