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    ROG Zephyrus laptop very hot when lid is closed

    Hi all!

    New member here with a new ASUS laptop.

    I did have one question though; I typically like to keep my laptop plugged in and on, I don't have it go to sleep when I close the lid for quick access.

    However, when I shut the lid, the laptop gets extremely hot and temperatures shoot up after 5-10 min with the lid closed. Opening it cools it down very quickly.

    Now, I'm assuming there is a vent above the keyboard? However, I don't feel any air coming out (although this is the area where it gets extra hot). All the air seems to come out of the sides.

    Anyways, I know I'm blabbing, but is there a front vent on the these laptops so you can't close your lid while normal operations? I checked task manager and nothing is running the CPU when I close the lid. Is sleep mode when closing the lid mandatory (I almost seems like it does it already since it makes me sign in again when opening the lid).

    This happens on any mode (even silent). Thanks.
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