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    zephyrus s gx701 battery Specification


    Lately my zephyrus s gx701 battery has stopped charging, so i decided to replace the battery, i have found some batteries on Ebay but i cant tell which one fits the laptop i have.

    The Serial number on the battery says C41PqJ5 but on Ebay all of the batteries i saw have C41N1802 on them, they all look like the battery inside my laptop but i cant tell if they are the same, some are 3 Cell batteries and others are 6 cell batteries.

    However on all of the batteries, the sellers mention that it is compatible with the laptop model i have.

    Anyone knows what the Specification for the zephyrus s gx701 laptop battery is? any information will be greatly appreciated.

    These are some of the Ebay items iam looking at:

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