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    Question Bluetooth on the Z490-E Help!

    Hey everyone, I am having a hell of a time getting the Bluetooth on my Z490-E board working. It just isn't showing up at all. I've run the Windows troubleshooter for Bluetooth and it comes back that I don't have Bluetooth on this system. So I went and downloaded the drivers from the side, ran the launch and nothing seemed to happen. Next, I noticed my BIOS on the board was out of date, so I thought AH HA! But no I updated that and still nothing.

    I've looked over everything I can think of, even went hunting through the BIOS myself and the only ON/OFF is "BLUETOOTH/WIFI" and it's on.

    I'd rather not have to go buy a BlueTooth adapter when my board is supposed to have it built-in, if anyone has any insights, please let me know.

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