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    Hero IX - hangs on many different codes

    Hi. I have a Hero IX for a number of years and in the last year I have been experiencing issues starting-up from a cold boot. It's not as simple as there being a single Q code that the system hangs on. There seems to be a different one each time.

    A few days ago on a morning boot, it hung on each of these codes
    61, 04, A2, AD, 78 - after resetting from this one it went to "Diagnosing your PC" in Windows from where I could just do "Continue to Windows" and it was fine.

    This morning, it hung on:
    62, AD (shut down itself), 62, A2 - and then finally it booted.

    When I'm using the system I almost never have a blue screen or an issue doing a restart from Windows. It has restarted 100% of the time once the system has been up. I could leave the system up for a week or two and it would be completely stable.

    So I guess I'm asking if there are any telltale signs of what my problem might be if the boot sequence is hanging on many different codes? This has been going on for over 12 months now and I'm fine with replacing something if I need to - I just don't know what!

    Thanks very, very much.

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