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    G733QS - Screen flickering


    Since a few days I have the problem that the screen of my G733QS is flickering. Sometimes the whole screen flickers, sometimes only limited areas are flickering. I have updated all the drivers to the latest version.
    When the screen is flickering and I change the power profile, the flickering stops until the box indicating the actual profile disappears and flickering reappears then.

    Thx for all advice

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    Does the brightness level have any impact? If so then it could be the backlight driver circuit.
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    This issue also happend to me, but it shows in long intervals (once on few minutes). But in my case i use two windows installations (one for work, one for games) and this issue only show on the second, new windows installation. For old, preinstalled system this issue do not happen.

    The major difference is that, for new windows installation i allowed to install drivers using windows update and maybe here is the issue? Try to reinstall amd vga drivers using asus page (this old and new) and check if issue still exist. I think that
    amd drivers will be enough, because amd gpu is connected directly. For me i notice this issue only while i'm working, no during play games

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    The brightness has no impact.

    At normal Windows use:
    When the screen is set to 300Hz there is no flickering. If I set the refresh rate to 60Hz I immediately can see flickering.
    During the reset to factory settings, flickering was also present during Windows installation process.

    When gaming:
    Flickering at around 60FPS. If the game runs at +100FPS no flickering can be seen.
    I tried yesterday with FreeSync disabled in AMD Software and VSync disabled in game and that seems to eliminate the flickering in games because the screen then runs at higher/300 Hz!?

    The problem with the screen seems to be at lower refresh rates.
    I now don't know if I should return the laptop or if it is perhaps a software issue?

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