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    Need HELP for a ROG G703GX XS71 Memory RAM upgrade !!

    I am having a real hard time trying to find an easy way to upgrade my computer RAM from the "stock" 16 GB to the max possible 64 GB.

    This Model, I understand, comes with 4 DIMM slots but, and this is something I realized only after having purchased it, 2 of the DIMM Slots are physically placed on the "back" of the motherboard (basically under the keyboard, not visible nor easily accessible), while the other 2 DIMM slots are placed on the "front" of the Motherboard and, are easily accessible by simply removing the rear panel.

    The "back" 2 DIMM Slots, instead, as I understand it, in order to be accessed, need to have the Laptop be disassembled, the Cooling Unit removed, the Motherboard unscrewed.

    Frankly, I do not want, for a mere RAM Memory upgrade, to want to go through this.... I mean, when doing it, something might go wrong and an expensive Computer could get damaged (the Thermal Paste for the Cooling System would also need to be reapplied). I am surprised to see a Ram Memory upgrade needing to do that, should one want to reach the max RAM possible.

    Anyways, I was wondering, whether there could be a way to still be able to get the 64 GB max Memory possible, in DUAL Channel, BUT, using only 3 of the 4 DIMM Slots.

    I have read at that sometimes, Dual-channel (interleaved) mode is possible using only "part" of the DIMM slots available, not all.

    That Intel Link, for example, mentions one configuration as Dual-channel with three DIMMs whereas 1 Channel has only one DIMM slot occupied, and the 2nd Channel has 2 slots occupied.

    What is important, to my understanding, is that the "total" memory for each of the two Channels is the same.

    So, I thought, "what if" I use the one DIMM slot on the "back" of the Motherboard "factory" occupied with the 16 GM Module, the other DIMM slot still at the "back" of the Motherboard (not accessible side) stay empty (this way I would not need to have to access the back part of the Motherboard), and couple the one Factory installed 16 GB Module with another 16 GB Module (total 32 GB) on the Slot paired for that Channel but that is one of the 2 visible and easily accessible from the Rear Panel.

    Then, I would put on the 2nd DIMM Slot of those 2 visible and easily accessible from the Rear Panel at the "front" of the Motherboard, to my understanding belonging to the other Channel, a 32 GB Module.

    Would I, at this point, be having a fully functioning Interleaved Dual Channel 64 GB Memory working in 2 pairs of (16 GB + 16 GB) = 32GB in two Modules on the 1st Channel and 32 GB in one Module on the 2nd Channel ?

    I really do not want to have to disassemble this ROG Laptop in order to be able to reach the Max 64 GB RAM configuration...

    Has anyone tried this on this Model or knows whether it would work ?

    Do the DIMM slots on this particular Model support 32 GB memory per single bank slot of memory ?

    Or perhaps do you have other suggestions on how I could be able, easily, without having to disassemble the Laptop, to reach in Dual Channel the full capacity of 64 GB RAM Memory ?

    Thank you SO much for the kind help.
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