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    Why are you on Asus form/site when you have Gigabyte? lol I thought you were using a random screen shot but if that is your bios well............ I am so confused

    I take it one of the systems is Gigabyte, it just makes it confusing when you post screen shots of the Gigabyte bios when you started out asking about an Asus MB.
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    I feel like a right idiot... I originally ordered an Asus MoBo but had issues and ended up swapping it. I wasn't at home when I started this thread so I looked at original receipt to see the exact board I had, but forgot about the swap!

    Sorry all!

    Just in case there are any other idiots on this Asus site but who own a Gigabyte board... I just found this on their site...

    "At first, please try to get into BIOS setup program. Then under Power Management section, please try to enable PME EVENT WAKE UP option and save the setting to exit the program. After reboot into Windows, please open Device Manager, then check the status of LAN controller and enable the device wake up option later."
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