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    Just a note after some more time on 3601, I was noticing CPU running hotter and a little perceived performance loss. Ran a few tests including 3D Mark and confirmed the results were lower. I was thinking maybe the voltage changes were causing more heat and lowering boost clocks. Then it dawned on me I should check CTR profiles, something didn't seem right as they weren't loading. I decided to rerun CTR2.1. It acted up and crashed a couple of times. Figured I needed to delete the config and as soon as I did that it ran fine.

    After running Diag again and letting it create the profiles I activated them and ran benchmarks again. Performance 98% to where it was and temps lower. Last time I had tweaked the profiles manually for additional performance at the cost of temps. This time I decided to keep the lower temps.

    Anyway long post to say if you used CTR and updated to 3601 you may need to clear and start over. Even a manual OC will likely need tweaks. Overall it runs way better now though.

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