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    Easy/Hyper-Shift for Mice being worked on?

    I recently started using a ROG Keris wireless and it's been a great first time experience for a wireless mouse, but there's one software feature that I had that I'm struggling to live without.

    My previous mouse (A Roccat one) had a feature where holding the lower side button would change all the others to alternate ones, effectively doubling the buttons on the mouse. I used these alternate buttons to control media and volumes. I know that several other mouse manufacturers have this option in their software as well.

    I can't really see myself buying another mouse without this feature again so I was wondering if there are any plans to bring this kind of feature to Armoury Crate to use with ROG mice. I don't know if posting here would actually have any effect but I'm sure many others would greatly appreciate this feature.

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    Feedback is indeed welcome. It is something we have evaluated, and it would help if more people chimed in for this. Thanks!

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