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    ASUS ROG Front Base Dual-Bay Gaming Panel Issues.


    So i got the latest drivers and firmware i could find online while i registered my product on ASUS.
    Lately my front panel has been starting to turn off my CPU fan for no reason. (Just 0RPM)
    I looked into the chassi just to see if this was just a software glitch or it actually stopped.

    It was 100% Offline. So this is not optimal (Good thing i saw this in time before i started gaming.)
    I red somewhere about the exact issue. I dont remember if it was on this forum.
    So if that guy sees this how did you manage to get it working/got rid of it?.

    Since it is so hard to find drivers on ASUS site for older hardware i would appriciate if someone could post them here.
    I have seen this front panel get confused as well with the other 2 ones from ASUS and when searching for this one on site. unless registered it doesnt show up at all for me. (I did not install those wrong drivers or that software just to clearify.)

    So if somone can share the latest firmware and update tool it would be great. (Original without any fiddling to it ofc.)
    I do not use the frontpanel driver and never had for a long time. (Since it just resets my fan curves and makes to much noise.)
    And there havent been any problems before except for the CPU freq. beeing static all other stuff works. (EQ also resets to.)

    So if anyone has any good inputs on this i would like to know!? before i fry my CPU or will have to remove the front panel completely.
    Not that it matters but i do have a 3rd party cooler for my CPU from Noctua as well. Just to get some detailed information of HW.
    Also a ASUS ROG VII Hero motherboard. Did not have these problems before but started happening recently. MS update? Bug? IDK.

    Long story short: Frontpanel stops cpu fan, didnt use the drivers (never needed to if i could manage without knowing the exact freq. of my CPU.) Never had any problems with this untill now. (Also i dont use the EQ for the HP output but it resets after re-boot.) I Only care about the CPU Fan stop...the other things are just information. (Although it would be nice to have a stable driver that doesnt screw with the BIOS settings for the fan curves ofc. Not holding my breath on that part though.)

    PS: English is not my main language but i hope with all edits i made that it is atleast understandable.
    So the drivers installed with the new firmware seem to have been the solution to this. I had no more fanstop:s since i updated it. So for anyone having issues the above will most likely solve your issues. With ROG Maximus VII Hero MB atleast. (MB swap soon.)

    DS: So i went ahead and installed the latest driver i could find FRONTBASE_10128 (With the ROG Connect and the audio driver as advised on site.) Inside this install folder there was a newer firmware inside the FBFW folder. (FB035Exv57 2016) Which i suppose is the latest one available? this one erased some of the digits scrolling while booting and the fancurves has stayed even with the driver. (For now.) Ill update this if this was the solution later or if the fan keeps turning off again. (Making a cuple of more re-boots to see if this sticks.) But so far so good...dont know why the upper right digits where erased!? but i guess whoever programmed this where removing what ever bug was in the older one and this was necessary. Will update the post later if - or +. (Win10x64 Pro.)
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