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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaadking View Post
    If you go to the wan section of the web page where you manage the AX you can switch the wan to the 2.5 GB port.

    That's why I'm asking if you have done that.

    Yes, you can do wan aggregation but also you can change the port. Try it, it won't hurt
    Gave it a shot dawg but no dice. Still only top out at 940Mbps. All it does is change the 2.5Gb port to a WAN port instead of LAN. Problem is every other LAN port on the router is only 1Gb. You have to use Wan Aggregation in order to get faster then 1Gb speeds, but the XB7 doesn't support it from what I can tell. Contacted my ISP twice and laughed because its way over the techs heads....

    Again I only have 2 options:

    1.) Use the XB7 modem which is **** since its only dualband ACX...

    2.) Purchase an AXE-11000 which supports 2.5Gb WAN.

    Thanx though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    I think the manual has the ports labeled incorrectly. The only 2.5 GB port is the far right port. The one you highlight is the WAN port which the manual shows as 2.5 Gbps WAN/LAN. That port is Blue for a WAN port.

    I am looking at the actual router, AXE11000. The port indications are the same on both versions but located in different positions.. I am not lucky enough to have an internet connection fast enough to test..
    The AXE-11000's Wan port supports 2.5Gb as well as the 2.5Gb Lan port. The AX does not.

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    Question Having the same or similar issues...

    I don't want to thread-hijack, and I will post my issue(s) separately in another post, but I couldn't help but comment on this one as it related to my situation. I also cannot get my current configuration to provide my 1300mbps speed across multiple devices, even after doing all this research months back and thinking, "Oh if I just buy a multi-port 2.5g switch, I won't have all my devices throttled below 1gbps. And I had thought I had it figured out at one point. Alas, how wrong I was.

    My hardware:

    I have tried so many different configurations (using at least CAT6A, CAT7 or CAT8 cables) of what to plug into what first. Currently I have the 2.5g port out of the S33 modem and into the 2.5g port on the AX11000 router. Then out of the AX11000 router's blue (WAN?) port and into one of the four 2.5g ports on the switch. Then out of the switch, I have a 2.5g port and cable running to my desktop PC's 2.5g onboard ethernet port.

    I verified I can get 1300 and nearly 1400 mbps speeds when I run the 2.5ge port on the S33 modem straight to my desktop PC. I've also verified I can break over 1gbps WiFi speeds on various PC devices (desktop, laptop) and mobile phones when plugged into the 2.5g port on the router, but then anything hardwired is capped at 900-something MBPS.

    Just hoping my posting here helps anyone like the OP or anyone else with the same problem. I'll go create my own post and make it more fancy with pics. I just hope someone can help. I don't know if I should run the modem 2.5ge straight to the router first, then to the switch? Or to the switch, then back to the router… Or am I screwed or limited by the hardware somehow? Should I run a cable from the S33 modem's 2.5ge port to the router's 2.5ge port and then run another cable from the S33 modem's 1ge port to the blue "WAN" port on the AX11000 router?

    I could care less if all Wi-Fi devices were capped below 1000 mbps / 1gbps as long as I could have at least my own desktop PC device able to get over 1000mbps when hardwired especially.

    Thanks and I hope this helps you too OP!

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