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    Question Rog Delta Firmware 0145 mic after shutdown

    hello, i've read about this problem in an another topic but there is no real solution or answer provided by asus so:

    When i shut down my computer, my headset rog delta works well except the microphone. The sound ans sensibility is very low even if i change it in windows or armoury crate.

    I have to unplug the delta and plug it back to have the mic quality and sensibility back again.

    important : i have set my motherboard in erp mode (in bios) to power off my usb when computer's off. i dont want the Led to be powered exven if the computer is off and i want to save energy. If i let the usb without erp mode (so the usb are powered even computer is off), i have no probleme with the rog delta.

    Can Asus resolve the issue in the firmware or have i to eternally unplug the headset each time i power on my computer ?

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