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    Zenith II Extreme Alpha Microphone Doesn't work in Ubuntu 20.04

    I have a Zenith II Extreme Alpha with NVIDIA RTX 2080ti graphics card that I use in a dual boot configuration (WIndows 10 / Ubuntu 20.04). Yes, I know that ASUS does not support this dual boot configuration. In any case, I've been using the system this way for months with no issues. Now, I'm working on a machine learning project that requires the use of a microphone. The headset microphone I have works fine in Windows, but does not work in Ubuntu. Actually, to be more precise, the microphone doesn't work when plugged into one of the analog microphone jacks on the desktop case (where it works in Windows). It does work however if I plug in a USB dongle to connect the analog headset to usb. The issue with that is after some time, I get a lot of distortion in the headphones when plugged in that way. So, I guess I have 2 options:

    1. Get the analog microphone input to the mobo to work under Ubuntu, or
    2. Figure out why usb dongles (I have two, one is a Razer and the other is from my Google cell phone) start distorting headphone audio after a while.

    Anybody no something about this? Thanks for any help in advance.

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