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    Z390-F and dasKeyboard 4 PRO

    I have a dasKeybaord4PRO keyboard connected to a Z390-F. When booted in an OS, the keyboard works fine, but it is not detected until during the OS boot. The result is, that the keyboard can't be used to enter BIOS setup and it can't be used to select an OS in a GRUB boot manager. The keyboard is connected directly to a port on the motherboard and another keyboard works fine when connected to that port. The keyboard has a built in USB hub and I think that the keyboard itself is connected to the same hub, so it presents itself as a hub with a keyboard and up to two other devices. Is there any way I can enable keyboard-on-hub-detection in the bios so I don't have to attach another keyboard to enter the BIOS or select a different OS in GRUB? The BIOS version is 1802.

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