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    FN Keyboard backlight keys not working?

    Apologies if this is the wrong area to bring this up, but still.

    I rarely use the RGB lights on my 2021 A15, but it was a novel feature and all the functions worked as should. Recently I was watching Netflix in the dark and went to turn on the backlight with the FN and UP keys to find it no longer works, what is going on?

    I went to the ASUS site and updated all drivers, updated windows frameworks again, no luck. I have just reset the laptop and all it has done is screwed over all my settings and programs cause the keys still don't work. I can change the pattern, IE strobe, breathing.. yada yada... but I cannot alter the brightness. I can do it manually through Armoury Crate, but I would like the use of the shortcut keys.

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