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    Asus 3070 TUF OC & MSI Afterburner questions...

    So I can't figure out why I keep getting invalid when I try to upload a screenshot for my MSI Afterburner questions...

    Is it normal for my GPU to overclock itself in games like Warzone & Cold War? Usually around 1920-1935. The temps never go above 69*C.

    So I went to youtube on how to setup afterburner. In the OSD I see...

    MEM 7392MB 7001MHz 6429MB
    RAM 5425MB 12940MB

    What do each of those numbers represent? I know MEM is the VRAM and RAM is the motherboard memory.

    This is my 2nd build in over 11yrs. My first build was a BioStar Mobo, Athlon x2, 9800GT with 8bg RAM. My current setup is a 5800x, ASUS 3070 TUF OC, 16gb RAM,

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