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    Lightbulb Asus Aura Sync music mode too bright in drill/grime/house tracks

    When I'm listening to drill, house and grime tracks, or tbh anything electronic, both Asus Aura Sync and the Windows volume mixer take "100% of the volume output" as the maximum.

    This causes a problem where lighting becomes washed out at max brightness instead of responding to the volume troughs..

    I find myself lowering the app volume to about 30% when playing these tracks, then ramping up Sonic Studio III. This way, the Asus Aura Sync lighting responds as expected - pulsing in response to the heavy bass and treble.

    Is there a way that Asus Aura Sync can cap volume values over 100% into a 0-100% scale and apply the lighting effect more appropriately? Not like volume normalisation, more like "lighting normalisation"

    In essence, does the Windows volume mixer or relevant audio driver report volumes over 100%?
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