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    Question G15 - GA502DU - Slow - reboot - Fast - Slow - reboot - fast...HELP! [solved]

    Hi everyone!
    I´ve just reinstalled my GA502DU, clean windows 10 installation + AMD driver + NVIDIA driver + missing drivers from ASUS CD.

    The laptop has a strange problem:

    - Turn on laptop. It is sloooowww...It seems that it is using a "conservative" power plant or something like that eve though I set it to run at maximum performance mode. Even a emulator like Vice run choppy!

    - Then I turn off and turn on again the laptop...Now everything runs so fine...Even games like Fortnite, Valorant...

    This "cycle" repeats everytime I turn on the laptop...Anyone has any idea why this is happening? It drives me crazy!

    NOTE: I tested with two differents Windows 10: MiniOS and ReviOS (this is far better). No Asus software installed, only the bare minimum drivers.

    SOLVED: I updated the BIOS from 302 to 306 and installed ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3_ASUS_Z_V3.0.9.30_1333 8.exe so I can be sure which one (or the combination of both) solved my problem. But know the laptop is working as expected!
    BTW...ReviOS is sooo responsive and fast!
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