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    Thumbs up Tuf Gaming A15 laptop Ryzen Cpu problems and crashing!

    Hello! I have the Asus Tuf Gaming A15 laptop with a Ryzen 7 4800h CPU*and GTX1660 Ti GPU. At first I didn't have any problems, but one or two months later I started to get a lot of BSODS and they all said that the driver "ntoskrnl.exe" caused the issue. Later I started to get other weird problems like the laptop randomly Black screening and the only way to fix it was by hard reboot and "Status_Access_Violation" errors. I have done all kinds of software troubleshooting and I even clean installed windows a few times but the problems were still there. Then I noticed that in task manager the CPU for some weird reasons was at a very high clock speeds (even at idle) and was trying to overclock itself (from ~2.9 ghz to 4.25 ghz). Then I decided to enable the "Power Saver" power plan in windows control panel which kept the CPU at ~1.3 ghz clock speed and ALL of my problems were gone! Is this a defective CPU or is it some kind of a software problem?

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