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    Asus XG43UQ queries


    I've recently setup an Asus XG43UQ and noticed that some of the OSD settings such as GameVisual, and brightness/contrast, ELMB/ELMB Sync or any of the colour temp settings were all greyed out.

    When I disabled HDR via windows, the settings all became accessible again.

    My question is, do I want to leave HDR turned off and select a GameVisual such as Scenery, or FPS etc etc, or go with the default Racing visual and have HDR turned on?

    With it turned on, how can I play with colour settings if it greys them out again?

    The other question I had was when I view text on the XG43, the letter seem to be a little blurrier maybe. liek its missing some sharpness.

    Thanks for the help
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    Windows 10 - HDR actually disables the monitor's functions because it manages brightness and color depth (note that using Windows HDR the colors become 10bits - it's usually 8bits)
    This monitor panel doesn't really help with CLEARTYPE definitions. You can try changing the default windows fonts or changing the CLEAR TYPE focus settings (within windows)
    I suggest you take a look at these links:

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