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    Quote Originally Posted by jlmcr87 View Post
    Sorry but I don´t understand what do you mean with "that means I will not be able to secure anything into the TPM device"
    Of course, I don´t have anything connected to my TPM connector, but it is not necesary, because we have intel PTT:
    "Computers with Intel PTT dont require a dedicated processor or memory. Instead they rely on secure access to the systems host processor and memory to perform low-level system authentication and verification."
    Do you mean it´s not a hardware TPM?

    Up-to-now it is not clear if each of us will need to buy the module which seems to be "TPM-M R2.0 (14-1 pin)" or is-it sufficiant, to face the future Windows 11,to activate it in the UEFI . By the way I went a bit further and tried to find where to buy such a module . The prices are fluctuating from 9 $ to 100 $ each...

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    Perhaps ASUS will revise their list and update in the coming months. I doubt it. As a consumer, you have to look closely at these things as the post purchase support is directly related to the quality of the product. MSI and ASRock made this transition seamless for their Z170 owners. ASUS came out immediately and said they won't support Z170 products.

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    FWIW, Linus Tech Tips recently did a video where they installed Win11 all the way back to a core2duo so if you are determined it should be possible to get it running on most systems. If you are interested in keeping track of official support, here is the ASUS post with the list:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre_T View Post
    Up-to-now it is not clear if each of us will need to buy the module which seems to be "TPM-M R2.0 (14-1 pin)" or is-it sufficiant, to face the future Windows 11,to activate it in the UEFI . By the way I went a bit further and tried to find where to buy such a module . The prices are fluctuating from 9 $ to 100 $ each...
    As far as I'm aware, nobody needs to buy a TPM module.

    Either the CPU is new enough that it has firmware TPM which can be enabled, or it doesn't and it's not on the compatibility list for Windows 11.

    Z170 CPUs (Skylake) do have TPM, but Z170 and those CPUs are not on the list.

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    nobody needs to buy a TPM module.

    This is the first true statement I read so far about Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement.

    It is not as simple as buying a TPM 2.0 add-on module and plugging it into the header. Microsoft VP of Product Management Steve Dispense suggests that it may be necessary to enable a setting like Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in the BIOS of Intel-based computers, or fTPM for AMD-based ones. Quote from:

    I hope that Windows 11 will work with my ASUS Crossblade Ranger, VIII Formula, VIII Extreme Assembly, and VIII Gene. If not who shall, I blame.

    Microsoft confirms that Windows 11 PC Health Check is unreliable - iGuRu

    Just in case link is deleted (You know how Corporations work. If not, oh well!):

    Microsoft confirmed with tweet of Steve Dispense that PC Health tool Check that lets you know if your computer is compatible with Windows 11, is unreliable and needs more work.

    Immediately after the announcement of the new Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a control tool, PC Health Check, which supposedly checked your computer and let you know if it complies with the requirements of the new Windows 11 or not.

    But many users were confused because its tool did not detect the exact problem when the result was negative. This brought resentment, sloppiness to the company and created a bad atmosphere with the good morning of Windows 11.

    In fact, a third-party developer has already released a similar program that checks and informs you exactly what the problem is and why Windows 11 can not be installed on your computer. You can see more about this program here.

    So in one tweet by Steve Dispensa, (VP of Product, Enterprise Mobility + Security @Microsoft | Endpoint Manager, Intune, Configuration Manager, Commercial Windows) apologized and acknowledged that more needs to be done to make PC Health Check more informative.
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    Update: I tried the "firmware TPM" setting on my z170 pro gaming mobo and it works. You don't need an external module. If Microsoft decides to put 6th gen CPU-s aswell on the list we are good to go i guess. I couldn't change the language in the app so sorry for that.
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    R6EE X299 with TPM 2.0 embedded with 10980XE

    Running Win 11 as soon as it hit the Beta Channel. Done to many Alpha versions and reinstalls get old. Its running fine. All drivers are working as they should. Didnt do a clean install, just upgraded so I can roll back at any time I want easily. So far its not given me a reason to. Hardest part is finding things after 10 years of running Win10. Things arent in the same place but you can set it up to have the same navigation of Win 10 but whats the point. A few new features but so far its mostly just a new UI and a different start menu. All apps and games work just fine.

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    I dont believe M$ is going to dump the TPM or UEFI and M$ account requirements. My take is this is their way of taking the OS back. You wont be able to update the repurposed keys or run it unactivated. Cant say I blame them. They do have to make a profit and with their current market being all OEMs its just not cutting it. If I were running the show I wouldn't be allowing people to use keys that have been recovered from decommissioned machines or run it unactivated either. Business is business. Of course everyone is cussing them but this is the way it once was with XP. They blacklisted leaked out enterprise keys and no activation you had 30 days. The requirements are more about taking back whats theirs. A lot of people complaining yet no one stepping up to the plate and coding a new OS. You have windows and Linux. I have 6 machines in my house all running retail Win10 pro with a M$ account. I find it silly to spend thousands on a build then complein about $100 license for home or $200 for pro. Most users who dont use encryption or dont need the other advanced features of pro home works just fine.
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