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Thread: Apex XIII bios

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    Quote Originally Posted by kvarq View Post
    It’s so bloody annoying, no matter combinations I am trying to do cannot get my 2x16 running properly on Apex XIII, XMP at least.
    Neither auto voltages set by XMP or lowered SA and IO ones. Bumped even the VRAM a bit, no pass.
    On Apex XII this kit (4000C16D-32 GTZRA / 16-16-16-36) proved to be stable on auto voltages (1.47V SA and 1.37V IO), also lowered SA 1.30V and IO 1.25.
    On Apex XIII no matter what I do, can't pass not even the included memtest )

    I tried lots of bios versions, from 0106 till 0903 beta/official, on older bioses error is reported later, but nothing is 100% rock solid.

    This Ram Kit (4000C16D-32 GTZRA / 16-16-16-36) is not support on the Maximus XIII Apex

    Check the QVL list for this RAM

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