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    I don't use corsair ram with Ryzen, got burnt with 1800x at the start and moved to other vendors, but until this they were go too brand with Intel. Nothing bad to say about G.skill with Intel & Ryzen. The RAM your looking should be good choice ~imo.
    Just a quick update, I went with F4-3200C14D-32GTZN ram and I'm still getting the 0d code. first 3 times it took about 4-5 minutes each of just sitting in the bios to get them. I got a 00 code twice and had to actually unplug my power cable as the cmos button and reset button didn't work. then I did eventually get a 4d code.

    I'm guessing I'll have to start the process of trying to see if AMD will replace the CPU and if it's not the CPU then I guess I'll try on the motherboard next. But AMD will do the RMA considering I bought it off ebay right? As I said before I bought it new.

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