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    ROG Member Array Galaxis PC Specs
    Galaxis PC Specs
    MotherboardROG Maximus XII Formula
    ProcessorI9 10900ka
    Memory (part number)G-skill 16 Giga 4600mhz
    Graphics Card #1Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX3080 Ti O12G-GAMING
    Graphics Card #2Asus ROG-STRIX-GTX1080 TI O11G-GAMING
    Graphics Card #3Asus ROG-STRIX-RX570
    Sound CardSupremeFX
    MonitorBenQ EL2870U
    Storage #1Samsung SSD M2 980 Pro 500 G
    Storage #2Samsung SSD 870 QVO 4T
    CPU CoolerAsus In One ROG RYUJIN 360
    CaseAsus ROG Strix Helios
    Power SupplyAsus ROG Thor 1200P
    Keyboard Logitech G915
    Mouse Logitech G903
    Headset Oculus Rift
    Mouse Pad Logitech G Powerplay
    Headset/Speakers Logitech G935
    OS Windows 10 Pro 64bits
    Network RouterNone
    Accessory #1 ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4
    Accessory #2 ROG_Riser_Cable
    Accessory #3 PQI My Lockey Biometrics
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    Oct 2013

    Ryujin 360 Noctua my experience

    After several tests on a ROGMXIIF motherboard
    I tested the different connections of the fans
    ROG AIO on W + Pump or AIO Pump
    (no difference for me)
    Fans: ROG AIO
    Fan 1 CPU on CM
    Fan 2 CPU Opt on CM
    Fan 3 On ROG AIO.
    in fact I only have a fan connected to the RYUJIN next to the pipes.
    Fans Helios: Replaced by Be Quiet! BL067 x 4,
    3 on the front and 1 on the back, arranged as follows:
    Top fan Cha_Fan 1,
    fan of the Cha_Fan 3 and
    Cha_Fan 2 bottom fan,
    Rear Fan H_Amp
    for info here is my temperature data at rest (idle):
    CPU 33 ° - 306 Rpm - CPU_Opt 312 Rpm Source CPU
    Motherboard 30 ° - Chassis Fan 3 388 Rpm Source Chipset GPU
    CPU Package 34 ° - Chassis Fan 2 312 Rpm Source MB Chipset GPU
    Chipset 49 ° - Chassis Fan 1 221 Rpm Source MB and VRM
    VRM 41 ° - High Amp Pump 296 Rpm Source VRM
    W_Pump 718 Rpm Source CPU, manual setting in Aisuite III
    GPU 26 °.
    Armory Crate not installed too many unknowns in the software for me still too many conflicts depending on the different possible configurations.
    Bios Default no change
    Aisuite AI just for Fan Expert 4
    Then modifications of personal fan controls.
    My case being open, I do not have a perfect diffusion of air
    I have 0.35 (° c / w)
    Curve settings: generally by default
    Chassis Fan 1-3: 15/40 - 54/60 - 100/75
    High Amp 30/40 - 57/60 - 100/75
    W_Pump 10/40 - 60/60 - 100/75
    ROG AIO 17/40 - 49/60 - 100/75
    ROG AIO Fan1 17/40 - 49/60 - 100/75
    ROG AIO Fan1 17/40 - 49/60 - 100/75 Second fan on the ROG AIO ???????
    This is for informational purposes
    Of course my case is completely silent
    some Be quiet! running at - 400 RMP (mdr)
    Unfortunately in all this I just noticed that one of my ROG AIO noctua fan is Hs
    but does not change anything I configured.
    If that can help
    I would be happy to exchange infos with you.
    Box ROG Helios | ROG Thor 1200p
    Maximus XII Formula | Cpu I9 10900ka + ROG Ryujin 360
    Ram Gskill DDR4 F4-4600C18D 2x8Gb
    M.2 980Pro 512G W10_64 | SSD 870 QVO 4T
    CG Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX 3080 TI O12G, Asus VG278HR, Benq EL2870U
    Logitech K G915 + M G903 + T G Powerplay + H G935

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