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    Give me your opinion on Gl703vm Asus technical support. I am kinda desperate btw

    Hello guys. My notebook for some reason is not even starting. My fans don't even spin a bit. This happened after I had to open its cover to change the ram it had before. Honestly, I changed the thermal paste of my computer 2 times before, and I have no ideia why it is like that. Anyway... I am making this post because I feel like I have given up and accepted that this is going to destroy my pocket after I spent the last year trying to pay my debts (**** college debts). My question is: how does the Asus technical support usually works? Are they able to replace the cpu and/or gpu if that is the problem? And how expensive are they? Is it worth more to buy a new computer? I know my rams are working fine (I tested them on a friend's computer) so I know it is not them. My HDD seems like it is gone, but the computer would still not turn on... So I am fearing that the problem is either the cpu or gpu or both.

    In case the information may be relevant, my computer is a Gl703vm.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Ps: if I am on the wrong section of the forum, I am sorry. Please tell me which section it is right and I will delete this post and create a new one.

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